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'CLEVER CAKES' by Michael Rosen

'CLEVER CAKES' by Michael Rosen
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Read along as two super-smart kids triumph in these perfectly packaged fairy tales with a twist... !

Are you smart enough to escape from a hungry grizzly bear? Could you trick a grumpy king out of a giant golden belly-button?

It pays to be able to think on your feet, especially if you’re about to be eaten alive or cheated out of a valuable prize! So it’s just as well that Masha and Peggy are two clever kids, each with a cunning plan…

Barrington Stoke books are commissioned, edited and designed to break down the barriers that can stop children from learning to love reading, from dyslexia and visual stress to simple reluctance.

IA: 5-8, RA: 6+ (Interest Age: 5-8, Reading Age: 6+)