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'THE WORD WASP' by Harry Cowling & Marie Cowling

'THE WORD WASP' by Harry Cowling & Marie Cowling
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WASP stands for Word, Articulation, Spelling and Pronunciation... the principles on which the book is written.

The Word Wasp has been designed in order to give people with literacy problems, child or adult, including those labelled 'dyslexic', the chance to read and spell alongside their literate peers. Furthermore, anyone wanting to give their child a head-start can also use this manual.

It is a 'one-to-one' manual and if you are reading this then you are already qualified to use it. Training is not required as you are guided through the book by easy to follow, colour coded instructions.

The Word Wasp teaches rules and structure using a colour coded system. It starts by introducing the basic sounds of English and then progresses slowly through the language, adding the various elements.

AGE: 7+

168 Pages, A5 Size

'HORNET LITERACY PRIMER' by Harry Cowling & Marie Cowling

'HORNET LITERACY PRIMER' by Harry Cowling & Marie Cowling€22.99

A Manual for Teaching the Basic Rules and Structures of English (Reading & Spelling)